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Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare Your House for Warmer Weather

Posted by Bridget Herbig on March 26, 2024

The early months of the year are quickly rolling by, and Spring will soon be here. Sunny days inspire people to shake off the winter haze and freshen their homes. Harness the season’s energy and create your home Spring cleaning checklist. Quinn Anderson Realty has taken the guesswork out of getting that list started with these 10 tips.


Indoor Cleaning Tips

  1. Check your pipes. Fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on pipes. Open cabinet and closet doors to check for leaks and issues.
  2. Wash your windows. So much grime builds up on windows, inside and out, and we don’t even realize it. Bust out cleaning supplies and make that glass shine. You’ll improve your home’s light quality and boost your mood.
  3. Assess your storage. Consider gathering unused or unwanted items and donating them to a local cause. Organize the remaining items, stow away seasonal items, and give everything a place.
  4. Check your HVAC system. Change out filters and clean vents. Consider hiring a company to clean ducts and perform regular maintenance on HVAC units. This step can save you money on energy and rule out future issues.
  5. The Deep Clean. Scrub everything – the fridge, the stove, the sinks. Wash baseboards. Clean carpets. Then, open the windows and let the Spring air flow through to finish freshening up the house.

Outdoor Cleaning Tips

  1. Clean the gutters. Clogged gutters can damage your roof or the property below. Remove leaf and debris buildup and assess any damage.
  2. Pressure wash. Buy or rent a pressure washer and make your house sparkle! Clean your home’s exterior, decks, and pavement.
  3. Lawn care. What outdoor tools do you own, and do they require maintenance? To freshen the lawn, consider aerating the soil and adding grass or wildflower seeds.
  4. Tend to plants. For general landscape maintenance, add fresh mulch to garden beds and around other plants. Prune trees and shrubs and get seasonal plants in the ground.
  5. Prepare the patio. Scrub the patio furniture and grill. If necessary, replenish your grill fuel. Replace any weather-worn decorations.

Save this Spring Cleaning Checklist.

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